Time Hack To Get More Done

Hurray! You’re busy, everything that you’ve been doing is working. It’s awesome right?

But now you have a new set of challenges. How do you keep it all going? Those things that made you successful are starting to slip. Suddenly the personal touch you have prided yourself on is getting outsourced, or worse, isn’t happening at all.

The downside of being busy is that it can kill your long-term momentum if you aren’t careful.

There are so many facets to our business: marketing, networking, etc, that are essential to our success. Yet they are easy to push aside when there is a more pressing need to meet with a client, write an offer, attend a closing, etc. What starts as, I’ll get to it next week all of a sudden becomes, shoot I haven’t done anything in 6 months.

How to you manage it all?

Batching, otherwise known as grouping activities.

Take things that are not time sensitive and do several together, vs one here and there.

Here are some examples:

  • Marketing: Write multiple blog posts, or create multiple postcards at one time
  • Client visits: If you are going to pop by with a real estate review, pick one Saturday a month and do 5 of them rather than trying to find time each week.
  • FORD calls: The idea of daily calls is great, but some days are easier than others. It also takes a certain amount of energy. It’s often easier to make 10 calls at one time than it is to do 1 a day.

Having something pop up on your calendar once a week, or once a month is much more manageable than daily.

Also, for most of these things, there is a fair amount of resistance / procrastination. We know that we need to make FORD calls, but we resist it. So doing them all at one time saves you hours just by the nature that you are not wasting 1/2 an hour of procrastination time before each and every call.

Make #Momentum your friend, and learn now to harness its powers to get more done in less time.

To your success!



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