Embrace Your Try

Yoda once said, “do or do not, there is no try”.

I whole heartedly believed that … until last week. Valerie Garcia turned my definition of the word Try on it’s head. And my world will never be the same.

Yoda’s definition of try is essentially: why bother. It’s failure wrapped in a pre-emptive excuse.

Valerie’s definition is empowering, honest, and full of possibilities.

Essentially Try is being willing to move forward when you don’t have all the answers, your confidence is faltering, and you feel like a hot mess on the inside while trying to look calm and collected on the outside.

It’s the state most of us live in 90% of the time.

Your ability to embrace it is the different between moving forward toward your goal, or staying stuck in the same darn cul-de-sac that you were last year.

It’s about being honest and vulnerable and finding courage in the truth of the process.

Struggles are to be expected, embraced, and recognized for what they truly are: a normal part of the process rather than what we often confuse them with: a signal that we are not capable and it’s time to give up.

Try says “yes, I’m scared, but my willingness to move forward out weighs my fear and I will do something today to move me towards my goal.”

It’s trusting that at some point things will click, momentum will build, and results will come. Bigger and better than we ever could have imagined.

What’s your Try?

How can you show up today in a way that honors your doubts and still moves you forward?

To your success!
PS: Dates for the quarterly mentorship group will be doing out soon for January of 2017. Stay tuned…

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