To List Or Not To List, That Is The Question

It’s a common question this time of year.¬†Between the election next week, and the holidays approaching, we all want to know how it will affect the market.

So what do you say if you have someone looking to sell right now? Is it better to act now, or wait for the Spring market, which is typically when the most price appreciation happens?

Here are 3 things to consider:

  1. Inventory: It’s been low for years, but it takes an even bigger dip around the holidays. Less competition is always good for a Seller. In a more balanced market things do tend to slow down in November and December. The last 2 years, though, have seen very strong sales during this time as Buyer’s try to get a leg up on the competition.
  2. Buyers are motivated. Anyone looking for a house this time of year is a “real buyer”. They are motivated, and looking to do something sooner vs later. The activity on my listings has remained strong, indicating that there are still as many buyers out there as there were earlier in the year.
  3. What about price? Homes still sell this time of year, and they often receive multiple offers. The frantic feeling that we experience in the Spring isn’t as prevalent, but I have seen sellers who are bold enough to sell this time of year do exceptionally well.

As with any question about timing, none of us have a crystal ball. Use this as an opportunity to consult vs convince. It’s a huge point of difference among agents.

Consulting is about doing what’s best for your client.

Convincing is about trying to hit a sales goal on your time schedule vs theirs.

Convincing can make it icky and weird. It can also cost you a client. Consulting builds trust and loyalty that includes not only the transaction at hand, but referrals for years to come.

To your success!

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