3 Things That Made The Biggest Difference In 2016

As I prepare for an agent panel at our company kick off this morning, one of the questions is, what made the biggest difference in 2016.

Even after 20 years in real estate, it’s a constant process of refinement. Finding what works, and then amplifying it.

Here are the 3 things that seemed to matter most:

  1. Getting face to face: Electronic signatures are a blessing and a curse. Yes, they definitely make things easier and faster, but do they make it better? The same with email. Many times the answer is yes, but there are also many times when it’s the lazy way out. Last year I made the commitment to meet with my clients face to face whenever possible. To go over contracts, inspection reports, addendums, etc. I found that it made a huge difference. My relationships were stronger, and things went so much smoother. Those sticking points that can come up along the way seemed to go away. It isn’t always convenient, but it is much more effective.
  2. Gratitude days: Once a month I would pick a day to express gratitude to my clients, and the people in my life that matter most. It might be meeting someone for coffee or sending them a small gift, but more than anything, taking one day a month to truly be grateful, and reflect on all of the wonderful things that happened in the last 30 days kept my attitude in check and things moving forward.
  3. Being on crutches for 6 weeks: Okay there were lots of things about crutches that fall into the not so great category. But, there was a tremendous amount of good that came out of it. It forced me to strip everything down to the bare bones. Even in today’s technology age you can do a tremendous amount of business with phone calls, and note cards. I didn’t have the ability to run around and do all sort of things, so I was more intentional with my time. I also challenged myself to keep my expenses as low as possible. The result: I ditched my crutches at the end of January and listed 5 houses in February. Not a bad transition.

Take 15 minutes today, and reflect on what worked for you last year. Build from that to create even greater success this year.


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