Receive vs Get

A question I often hear is “how can I get business from social media”?

We hear about agents generating endless business from Facebook, Instagram, etc. They make it sounds so easy. Which leaves you wondering, how can I get some of that business too?

The problem lies in the question.

Really the questions should be “how can I provide value, so that I receive business from social media”?

All marketing, but especially social media, is part of a giver economy.

You receive as a result of what you give. Versus the energy of getting, which means you are not there to participate, but just want the end result.

Here are 5 tips to up your receiving game on social media:

  1. Consistency matters. Just like walking into a networking meeting and handing out business cards to random people doesn’t work, neither will your quarterly post. The shelf life of a social media post is relatively short. You need to be in people’s feed consistently to build a relationship with them.
  2. Engage in conversations. Yes, you need to engage in the comments on your posts, but don’t forget to comment on other people’s posts. The comments are where the gold is.
  3. Ditch your curated content. If you have been to any type of social media class, at some point they talk about scheduling or curating content. Essentially it means spending some time once week scheduling posts to go out later in the week. It’s the set it and forget it idea. I’m not a fan of curating, because in an effort to make it “evergreen” we tend to look for the most neutral thing we can find. Meaning it’s not unique to you. It also misses the engagement piece, in which case, why bother.
  4. Be real. The worst thing you can do is a post “because you are supposed to”. It will be stiff and contrived. This is your unofficial interview. Where people come to see the “real” you, not the photo-shopped you from your website. It’s your place to share the good, the bad, and the funny.
  5. Be in it for the long game. Know that it’s a layering effect. Relationship marketing takes time, and pays off when you least expect it. If you show up every day ready to give, the receiving will come.

More than anything, have fun, and be willing to try new things.

To your success!

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