Expectations vs Standards

Expectations vs Standards

On the surface they seem so similar, and yet they are completely different.

Expectations are your definition of how something should be.

How a person should act. How something should work out. They require other people and situations to bend to your will in order for you to be happy. It’s a recipe for disaster.  It implies that you know best and want to control not only the outcome, but the path you take to get there.

The reality is that even in the best of times people let you down, things don’t go as planned, and you have to shift gears. If you spend all of your time focusing on the how, you are bound to end up off track and cranky.

That client should have used you. They should have taken your offer. Etc. All of these are expectations that you ultimately can’t control.

Now lets look at Standards:

Standards are about You, and what You do.

Standards include things like:

  • Dressing professionally for appointments
  • Being prepared
  • Prompt communication,
  • Consistently communicating with past clients
  • Doing certain marketing activities to grow your network
  • How you market properties
  • How you negotiate for buyers

These are all things that you control and have a direct effect on your results.

Make a list of your standards. What are they? How can you share them with your clients? How does it benefit them, and your business?

To your success!

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