Are You Giving Resistance Too Much Credit?


Steven Pressfield defines resistance in his book War of Art as the thoughts that tell you: you aren’t good enough, it’s been done before and therefore you can’t,  and who are you to dream this big?

The trick with resistance, is that it can feel so real in the moment. Yet it’s just the mind and the ego playing tricks on us.

It’s the voice inside your head that says you could be more successful in real estate if:

  • You had more time
  • Better training
  • The right clients
  • A different market
  • Any clients
  • A different price point
  • Buyers vs sellers
  • Sellers vs buyers
  • A bigger sphere
  • Confidence
  • Better marketing
  • An assistant
  • More energy
  • More inventory
  • Insert reason here….


After all, you can’t help not reaching your income goal when inventory is the lowest it’s been in 17 years and there just isn’t anything out there for your clients to buy right?

Here’s a personal experience about giving resistance too much credit, and how to flip it around.

I’ve been really buyer heavy lately. January is typically a get ready to get ready month. Meaning, agents are often busy behind the scenes prepping for the new year, but homes don’t really start flowing to the market until February.

I caught myself stuck in resistance certain I was going to be spinning my wheels for the next few months doing lots of work and not getting paid for it.

These thoughts, while you can easily find supporting evidence to make them “true” are ultimately resistance to my overall goal, which is to make great money, have everything flow easily, and have my clients love working with me.

It was time for an attitude adjustment, and to let the resistance go.

So I started telling myself that January was going to be a great month of new listings. There would be more than normal, and they would be great houses. My experience was exactly that, and 3 of my buyers bought homes with their first offers.

Once I let go of my resistance, it made space for a different result.

Conversely, I know agents who have been whining about the lack of inventory for their clients since the beginning of the year, and they haven’t sold a thing.

Where is resistance showing up for you?

How can you let it go to open the door for what you really want?

To your success!


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