You Told Your Clients To Do What?

This was a busy week with 2 listings selling in multiple offers. When I called one of the agents to congratulate her buyers on being the winning bid, her response was, “Hurray, now I want to throw up”.

Not the usual response, but I get it.

Buyers are doing a lot right now to win. I had to laugh when another seller expressed concern about contingencies they had accepted in past contracts, which caused the sale to fall through. Things like the offer being contingent on the Buyer’s job offer coming through. It may be hard to believe, but there was a day when there were contingencies and Buyer’s had outs in the contract.

Right now it feels like a win if you still have an appraisal clause.

We’re asking a lot of our Buyers right now, and some of it is uncomfortable.

The question ends up being, how do you get your buyer to do these things without seeming pushy, or so wishy washy that they won’t step up to the plate.

The first is, you have to set your energy. (a little preview of what we will be talking about in the May Webinar).

How you deliver the information matters as much as the information itself. This is not about forcing a Buyer to make a specific decision. You can not be attached to the way they respond.

It’s important to keep you energy neutral. You are just letting them know the stakes.

One of my favorite ways to phrase things is:

“This is what I’m seeing from other buyers in the market”

This lets them know what they are up against, but leaves them empowered to make the final decision.

Versus saying something like:

“If you want this house, you have to do this” which leaves them feeling like they are being told /  or forced into doing something.

It’s very important that your client feel empowered to make their own decision so that win, lose, or draw they own the result.

You didn’t make this market, you are responding to it. Your responsibility is to be honest about what it takes to win, no matter how uncomfortable, so they can make the best decision possible.

To your success!

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