Stake Your Claim, Ask For What You Want

Are you a specialist or a generalist?

It’s an age old question and highly debated.

Do you focus on one specific area of the real estate market, or do you do anything and everything? It’s a topic that came up the other day with a friend  who runs a highly successful staffing company for Microsoft and other large companies. In her case she only works with people who do marketing. She doesn’t staff for IT, or accounting or anything else. Just marketing.

We had a very honest conversation about knowing that having a focus is best, but that the reality of putting your stake in the ground is scary.

No sooner to you state what you want, than you start worrying about all of the missed opportunities and revenue.

This definitely holds true in real estate.

Most of us have some area of the business that we are best at, and like the most. It might be working in a specific area, price range, type of property, or group of people. It’s in our wheelhouse. It comes easy and naturally, yet the thought of focusing on just that area of the business, and even saying out loud that it’s your specialty is terrifying.

What if there was a way to do both? At least for right now?

Especially in today’s low inventory market, I’m not saying you decide to only work sellers over $1,000,000 in downtown Redmond. With today’s inventory levels, even if you got all of the listings, there might not be enough there to make it viable.

But what if that was your goal?

How could you tailor your actions and intention to produce more of that?

  • Focus your FORD calls every week on clients that are most likely to produce business there
  • Focus your open houses in that area
  • Spend your marketing dollars there
  • Preview there
  • Connect with groups and influencers there

It’s all about taking your normal actions and using intention to focus in on your specific business goals.

And yes, you absolutely take the other business that shows up, but as your business concentrates you will find that you can start referring the other business out.

It’s a process that can take time, but with daily, focused intention, it will work

To your success!

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