It’s Time To Break Up With Your Fuzzy Socks

Some agents are rocking and rolling right now. If that is you, know that I’m celebrating your success with you.

However, I’ve talked with a lot of agents who are struggling. Whether it’s Buyers opting out of the market, or sellers who manage to sell their homes off market once they let people know that they are moving, there’s some weird stuff going on out there.

No matter which side of the coin you are on, there is no denying that this market is different from any other. Not only is the market itself different with the low levels of inventory, but everyone seems to be dealing with it differently from agents to clients.

It’s requiring you to draw a line in the sand and believe in either abundance or scarcity, and that you hold on to that belief no matter what shows up.

If you happen to be on the slower side right now it’s easy to hibernate. Hence the funny sock comment in the title. For me, working from home means that I wear my fuzzy socks while I’m working. It’s my version of a security blanket. While on the one hand they are great when I’m doing creative things like webinars or writing blog posts, they can work against me.

  • I could preview some houses today, but I’d have to take my fuzzy socks off, maybe tomorrow.
  • I should send some notecards, but I’d have to get stamps…
  • I could meet a client for coffee, a walk, lunch, etc but…

All of a sudden you’re doing laundry, cleaning and kitchen and wondering if you can sneak in an episode or two of your favorite show on Netflix. All worthwhile endeavors, but not the best use of your time in the middle of the day.

Before you know it your momentum has stalled and you feel disconnected not just from the market, but the world around you. None of which is helpful for your business.

So it’s time to retire the fuzzy socks and remember it’s a contact sport.

If you’ve been a little out of touch lately, make a pact that between the hours of 10-3 you will be out of the office, home or otherwise. What you do during that time is up to you, but you need to be out amongst the land of the living.

Sometimes flipping the switch is about getting in front of opportunity.

To your success!

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