Which is Better, Buyers or Sellers?

In this market, you probably answered Sellers. After all, inventory is low, chances are you can sell it in a week, and whether there is 1 offer or 10, you come out a winner.

And at every sales meeting, your managing broker is likely telling you to focus on listings.

I get it. There’s a lot to love about listings.

But what about Buyers?

It comes up when I teach the Buyer section of Pro Start (our company’s training program for new agents) that maybe they shouldn’t be focused on buyers. Or that they are failing in some way if they work with buyers instead of sellers.

First of all, we need Buyers to make the whole system work. No Buyers means no sales for Sellers.

It’s also very common for new agents to be Buyer heavy.

My belief is that both are great. They offer their own benefits and challenges.

Sellers allow us greater control of our time, and in many ways greater marketing opportunities. However, they don’t always realize the amount of work that goes into getting them an amazing result, and so it can be harder for them to truly see our value. There are also a fair number of up front costs with listings. Paying for professional photos and videos can get expensive. Something that can be stressful if you’re on a tight budget.

With Buyers, we can feel like we are at the mercy of the market, waiting for homes to come on, and hoping that your client’s offer is accepted. But we tend to build a much stronger bond with Buyers. This can lead to more referrals down the road. The biggest thing with Buyers, is to not get caught up in the “drama” of the market. Focus on laying out the details, so that they are fully prepared, and trusting that the right house will come on the market for them.

I think one of the biggest reasons that agents get frustrated with Buyers right now is because they are afraid to be completely honest with the state of the market, and what it takes to win a house. Yes, it’s a lot, and overwhelming at times. However, if you lay it all out on the line from the beginning, Buyers can decide if they want to jump into the market or not. Saving you both a lot of time and frustration.

In the end, you will get further, and have more success if you spend less time worrying about whether your clients are Buyers or Sellers and focus on gratitude for the opportunities that you have to serve others.

Focus on taking amazing care of the clients you’ve got, and let the rest flow from there.

To your success!

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