How You Say It Matters

I was teaching a class this week, and the topic off affirmations / self talk came up.

Affirmations involve speaking about a goal as if it’s already happened. ie. “I have earned $250,000 in 2018“. Or better yet, “I am grateful to have earned $250,000 in 2018“.

It’s the process of reprogramming your sub conscious mind to believe that this has already happened and therefore draw situations to you to support and create this outcome.

There a several ways to do affirmations. They involve:

  • Saying your affirmation out loud
  • Visualizing it for a period of time each day
  • Doing a vision board and keeping it in a prominent spot
  • Writing them down on a daily basis

Whichever method you choose, the idea is to get yourself to “feel” like it’s already happened.  And to therefore create from a new space of being the person that makes $250,000.


Being the person that wishes they made $250,000 a year but never actually gets there.

And therein lies the rub.

How you say your affirmations matters.

  • I am grateful for earning $250,000 in 2018
  • I have the most amazing clients that show up right when I’m ready for them
  • My clients respect me, are fun to work with and gladly pay my fee
  • My clients love referring me to others

Feels pretty good right?


  • I hope that I finally crack $250,000 this year. I’ve been trying for years and can’t seem to get there
  • It’s rough working with clients in this market, I don’t know if I can do this
  • It’s a fight to hold onto my fee, but I’m doing what I can
  • I have no idea where my next client will come from, I hope this works

Kind of a downer.

Yet, I guarantee you that there are agents out there with the second set of thoughts thinking they are doing affirmations and not sure why it isn’t working.

Or maybe you started out in the first section, hit a rough patch and without even realizing it, your affirmations have morphed into negative thoughts repelling what it is you want the most.

If you’re in group B, don’t stress. A few simple changes to your affirmations / self talk will make all of the difference. Use this as your moment to pause and re-asses.

Are your thoughts creating the world you want? If not, how can you change them?

To your success!

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