Yep – I Started A Podcast

True confession time. I’m lame when it comes to my real estate marketing.

Yes, I have a blog dedicated to helping you be a better agent, and I just admitted that I suck at one of the key elements of being an agent. Marketing.

It hasn’t always been like that. I used to be amazing at it. People would comment on how great my marketing was. Clients who ran their own businesses would want to meet for coffee to talk about what I was doing and how could they do it on their own.

I can’t tell you that what I did was groundbreaking, but it was consistent. Every month I sent out a postcard, and it worked.

And then I got sidetracked, and bored and my monthly postcard became a quarterly postcard, at best.

I still believe in postcards, but after 22 years of trying to be creative every month I just wasn’t feeling it.

I’ve been lucky in that my business has continued to be busy, and for that I feel eternally grateful. But I also know that I’m missing business because I’m just not connected with people. I’m not telling my story, reminding them of what I do, how I’m different, and most of all, why it matters to them when they are buying and selling real estate.

Then a few months ago, a friend of mine with a super successful radio show mentioned that I should start one too.

Hmm, I thought. This could be fun. It’s definitely something different. I’d been thinking about a podcast, but the logistics of it overwhelmed me. Turns out, I can basically do a radio show, and get the podcast handled. Meaning I show up, do the radio show, they do all of the engineering, and all I have to do is upload the audio file to iTunes and viola – I have a podcast.

So I decided to jump in. Once I got over my fear of  “what am I going to talk about?” and “how can I fill the airtime?” and “what if no one wants to come on my show?”, the creative juiced started flowing.


It’s been a fun way to reach out to people. And, by the way, the shows are booked out through July, so it turns out people do want to be on my show.

It’s been a great source of conversation with clients and friends.

It’s been a great way to get extra exposure as the guests share it with their lists.

I’m finding a million ways to leverage the show. So now, with 30 minutes a week, I’ve got more ways to market than I could have ever imagined.

If you want to listen in, you can check out the past recordings of The 425 Show via the Podcast or Stitcher.

***Shameless plug. If you do, please rate it and / or leave a review. I would be SO grateful.

And if you want to catch the video feed, we do it via Facebook Live as well, which can get pretty entertaining.

So my question to you is:

What kind of marketing really gets you fired up? You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing, but you do have to do something.

Find your thing. Have fun with it, and let me know how it goes.

To your success!

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