What If The Contingency Plan IS The Plan

You’ve heard it before…
Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans

Rarely does a week go the way I thought it would. Each Monday I diligently map out my schedule, and then a client wants to list their house and we need to schedule the cleaner / stager / etc, a buyer goes under contract and we need to schedule an inspection, it’s a school holiday – and now the boys are home.

All things that are good, and important, but can make it difficult to stay on task. Especially when you didn’t want to do your FORD calls in the first place and are only too happy to get side tracked.

Before you know it, you are super busy, and you haven’t previewed a house, called a client, or written a note card in weeks. In the short term it leaves you feeling frazzled and out of control. In the long term it creates dry spells in your business and you realize that you’ve been running around putting out fires for months, but haven’t done anything to generate new business.

What if curve balls didn’t throw us off balance?
What if they were part of the plan to begin with?

Here’s what I mean:

  • There are 12 months in the year, but my business plan works on a 10 month year. Even in my best years, there are a few periods where things aren’t clicking. If I build that into my plan, then I don’t get discouraged.
  • I plan my week based on 4 days of productivity. I usually work 5, but that means I’ve got space to shift things around if opportunities for new client meetings show up, or I want to work on my business, or meet up with a friend for lunch.
  • Even if I know a meeting will only take an hour, I allow 2. Then I am present with my client vs watching the clock, there’s breathing space if traffic is bad, or heaven forbid I have time to grab a bite to eat before my next meeting.

Building a contingency plan into your every day life isn’t about assuming things will go wrong, but rather helping them to go right.

How can you create space in your schedule for whatever pops up this week?

To your success!

*The Marketing + Systems = Success mentorship group is officially full. If you could use some help with your plan, though, stay tuned. We’ve got the perfect thing coming to get you going.

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