The Craziest Thing Happened In My Last Transaction

The Seller said this …
The Buyer said that …
The inspector found …
The lender did …

If you’ve been in real estate a while, chances are you have stories that could make others cringe, laugh or cry. Sometimes all on the same transaction!

We love to tell our stories. It proves our worth and shows how we saved the day in one way or another.

And yet, what we focus on expands.

The more we tell our stories from the battle field of real estate, because that can be how it feels in those moments, the more of that we attract.

All of a sudden, we look around and realize that what started as a one off event, has become the backbone of our business. All of our clients seem to be difficult and argumentative. Every agent we come in contact with feels a little slimy, and our transactions have become a me against them winner take all scenario.

But is that really what you want your business to look like day in and day out? We all get thrown curve balls every now and then. And yes, there is undeniable and well deserved pride that comes from “saving the day”.

But it isn’t necessary for all of your transactions to be that way.

Here are 3 tips to help you celebrate your success, and then move on to easier transactions:

  1. Limit your story telling to 3 times: Never telling the story is unrealistic, but telling it over and over to the point that you sound like a broken record won’t help.
  2. Let it go: Call it meditation, prayer or whatever works for you – consciously let that transaction and situation go so that it’s no longer a part of you.
  3. Clarify your ideal client and transaction scenario: Take 10 minutes and write out your ideal scenario from start to finish. Then focus on drawing in more of that.

Trust that whatever happened was a one off event.

Wishing you great success, awesome clients and smooth transactions!

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