How Can You Add Value?

We’ve all heard it before: Seek to add more in value than you receive in payment and you will always be successful.

I’ve heard it, I get it, but I heard it again on a podcast this week and it was the mindset shift I needed.

I’d like to think that I’m always focused on adding value for my clients, but I also get focused on:

  • When will the listing sell?
  • Will the buyer get this house?
  • When will this close?
  • Where am I with my goals for the year?

All good and important things for my business, but they are the end result, and we all know that: achieving the result is one thing. How you get there matters just as much or more though when it comes to happy clients and future referrals.

What if you took your focus off the end goal and shifted it to how you can add value throughout the process?

  • Is there an extra phone call you can make to check in that would mean a lot to your client?
  • A fun way to acknowledge all of the work they did to get a property ready?
  • A consolation gift if they don’t get the house?

Often times it’s little things. Taking a few extra minutes in a conversation to really listen, and ask questions so that they feel heard and understood.

Make it your mantra for the next week: How can I add value in this moment?

Notice how things change, and how much more fun they are.

To your success!

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