Let It Be Easy

Today is the first official day of summer, and Ryan’s first day of vacation. Things feel different already.

During the school year everything is pretty regimented. The schedule is dictated by external factors such as work, school, homework, sports, etc. Getting anything done is about “fitting it in” or “making it happen”. On the one hand, I like the consistency and flow of the school year, but by the time June rolls around I need a change. A slower pace with more freedom.

One of the best things about summer is having a schedule that allows for last minute get togethers.

Yesterday was full of fun, spontaneous connections. In the morning I walked with a girlfriend, last night I took Wrigley for another walk and ran into our neighbors (she’s stalking rabbits in the picture above – one of her favorite pastimes). We had a great conversation about one of their properties that they decided to VRBO rather than doing a traditional rental. It was fascinating to hear about why they decided to go that route. Then some friends invited us over for a glass of wine that resulted in lots of laughter.

All of these things happened because there was space for them to happen.

However, having space in our calendar can be nerve wracking. Our need to “be productive” often means that we prefer to have our calendars full as proof that we have things going on. But don’t confuse “feeling productive” with “being productive”. Let this summer be different. Resist the urge to pack your schedule with endless projects that you “should” be doing now that there’s time.

Instead, focus on leaving space open for connecting with others. Whether it’s clients, friends or a combo. Stop trying to force it. Let it be easy, let it be spontaneous and have fun.

The connections you make now will lay the groundwork for your Fall business.

To your success!

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