Choice Changes Everything

“Choice is the greatest power in the Universe, and it’s all yours.”
John Patrick Hickey

Can you believe it’s August already? When I wrote about deciding what to press pause on this summer I hadn’t intended it to be the blog. Blame it on Mercury Retrograde, the baseball schedule, or who knows that else, but it’s been a few weeks.

While the blog has been quiet, there’s been a lot going on behind the scenes that I’m excited to share in the next few weeks.

The change of routine that comes with summer is so valuable because it requires us to see things from a different perspective.

There have been a lot of insights and aha moments this summer.

The biggest one is being reminded of our power of choice, and how it effects everything around us.

2 things came up around this recently.

The first is deciding that I chose to spend my days driving the boys around and feeling like an Uber driver. Work, working out, and everything else in life is squeezed in and around driving the boys to whatever it is they have going on.

I’ll admit to my share of frustration, but this year I made a conscious CHOICE to enjoy it. It’s time with them, and it’s one of the few ways that I can show them love. They are teenagers and both taller than me, so snuggling on the couch isn’t really a thing anymore. But I can drive them places and spend time with them. I am choosing to spend my summer this way.

The second is noticing the ebbs and flows of my business. I have been slower over the summer, which is actually built into my plan. However, right about now I start to wonder what it means for the second half of the year. Will things pick back up, or will I be slow the rest of the year?

In the past I CHOSE to be stressed out and worry about when and where the next sale would come. I don’t know about you, but anytime I “go there” with stress and a sense of lack, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy that doesn’t help anything.

This year I made the CHOICE to just notice it for what it is. A natural part of my yearly business cycle that really doesn’t need any attention at all. Yes, it’s slower, but that actually helps with choice #1, which is to spend more time with the boys.

It always ramps back up in the Fall. I have a 23 year track record to prove it. So while I don’t have any idea where my Fall clients will come from right now, that’s okay.

My job, my choice and my intention is to enjoy this time for what it is. Hectic, chaotic, and filled with fun hanging out with Gary, Alex and Ryan.

So consider this your gentle nudge. Where are you feeling like you are a victim of circumstances? How can you CHOSE to see them differently in a way that is more empowering?

It may or may not change what is happening. But changing how you show up is the only thing that you can control, and has a surprising effect on the situation at hand.

To your success!

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