The Phrase That Pays: Part 2

I loved reading your responses to last week’s post! It’s amazing what a difference 2 little words can make.

What if statements are designed to dissolve resistance and open you up to possibilities. From that state it’s easier to see options that were hidden before.

This week it’s all about owning your ability to create.

Can you tell that I’m on a mindset kick right now? I believe that your mindset is the foundation for all action. It’s the part that we pay the least attention to, but has the greatest impact on what our actions produce.

This week’s phrase that pays is: I Choose…

It’s easy to slip into a reactionary mode with life. Feeling like external forces are responsible for our results, and that our ability to succeed or not is out of our control. It’s an easy rabbit hole to go down, but using the words I Choose can help to shift you out of it.

  • I Choose to believe that I can do this
  • I Choose to take action each day
  • I Choose to show up each day
  • I Choose to learn from others
  • I Choose to believe that everything works out in my favor

I Choose statements are the verbal equivalent of the Power Pose. They shift the energy, and help us remember that we can impact the world around us.

Play with I Choose statements this week. See if you notice a difference in how you show up.

Between these and What if statements, you can open a lot of doors to new adventures.

To your success!

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