Laying the Ground Work for 2020

Welcome to November – it’s officially the holiday season.

Events start popping up on the calendar, and the window of opportunity for selling homes in 2019 starts closing. It’s easy to write off the next 2 months and think that you’ll just get back to it in January.

Don’t do that! Whether you close another house this year or not, there is so much that can be done right now. It will lay the entire foundation for 2020.

The last 2 months of the year are perfect for:

  • Connecting – There are so many social opportunities – pick one activity a week to enjoy the season and connect with others. Some of my favorites are: the Turkey Trot in Kirkland, Small Business Saturday, Bellevue’s Botanical Gardens, Wine tasting in Woodinville. Invite others to go with you and it’s like hosting a holiday event without having to clean your house.
  • Showing gratitude – Let your clients know how much you appreciate them. A subscription to 425 magazine is one of my favorite gifts to give, especially since it comes all year long.
  • Updating your database – I do a yearly audit on my database during the holidays to make sure everything is up to date.
  • Previewing – This is a great time of year to get caught up on inventory, and it will set you up for client conversations in January and February.
  • Implementing new systems – Is there something new that you want to add to your business? Now is the perfect time to get it up and running so that you don’t loose the first quarter in ramp up mode.

Make this time count. I love celebrating the holidays and having extra time with family. But this is such an amazing time for your business, whether you are busy selling houses or not.

Spending time on things with intention for the next few months will help you feel good about 2019, no matter where your numbers are and increase your confidence for 2020.

To your success!

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