Find A Plan – Work The Plan

It’s the first work week of 2020. Are you crushing it?

In my perfect world, I would put all of my sales for the next 12 months into escrow right now. All with 30 days closes, and then I’d spend the rest of the year on a beach somewhere soaking up the sun.

The reality is that I’m crushing it – sort of. I’ve got my new planner dialed in, I’m reaching out to clients – making FORD calls and sending note cards, but I have yet to get out of my yoga pants. I was going to preview homes today during the brokers opens. But that would have required wearing something other than yoga pants. Maybe next week.

Whether you are on fire or easing into things, what’s important is to DO SOMETHING. Fortunately FORD calls can be made from the couch while snuggling the dogs.

The key is to have a plan for the year that you are committed to – for the whole 12 months. Not just the first few weeks. And then working the plan, every week.

Here are a few tips for finding the right plan for you:

  1. Know your personality. If online lead generation and cold calling isn’t your thing, don’t commit to a plan that emphasizes that.
  2. The fewer steps the better. Things with lots of steps to complete and track are often barriers to success.
  3. Use someone else’s plan, not your own. Trying to create your own plan can be overwhelming. Don’t re-invent the wheel. Ninja is great, it’s easy to follow and it works.
  4. Commit to doing the whole plan, even the parts you don’t like (FORD calls and Real Estate Reviews). Those are often the things that work the best.
  5. Once you pick a plan, stop looking for other options. It will only confuse you and delete your results.

Here’s to moving forward each day. Some days it’s a big step, and other days it’s a small one. They all add up though.

Wishing you great success!

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