Positioning vs Presenting Your Offer

Review dates are back. It’s time for Buyers to bring their A game.

When it’s just your offer it’s about presenting your Buyer in the best way possible. When there are multiples, it’s more about positioning your client and their offer relative to everyone else’s.

Price matters, but when there are multiple offers – the final decision often comes down to the terms.

How can you Position your buyer to win?

  • Find out the Sellers Position: Maybe you can accommodate a specific closing or possession date. Perhaps you offer to let them leave the remaining garbage to make things easier for the seller. Always ask the listing agent “what’s important to the seller”. There are often things that a buyer can do that don’t cost a lot, but have a big impact.
  • Find out the Listing Agent’s Position: As agents we all have hot buttons, and weigh things differently. Focusing on those makes it easier for a listing agent to advocate for you when it comes down to the wire.
  • Position Your Buyer: A letter is always worth submitting. You never know what the Sellers will use for their final decision, and an emotional connection can make a big difference.
  • Position Your Lender: The Seller is worried about the Buyer, but the Listing agent is worried about the lender and you as an agent. A well written approval letter and an email or call from the lender can help a lot.
  • Position Yourself as an Agent: This isn’t about making sure they know you’re a top prodcucer. It’s about showing how professional you are, and that you are easy to work with. A cover sheet outlining the offer, and finding the balance of staying in touch with the listing agent without hounding them can go a long way.

However you position yourself, it’s important to have a strategy and checklist that you can share with your client. That way, win or lose, they will know that you advocated for them.

To your success!

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