Changing Strategies and Other Puzzle Lessons

With the stay in place order extended to May 4th and a shift in how we are supposed to conduct real estate, things are definitely different.

Your typical market strategy for April and May may not work right now.

How do you shift gears with our new (hopefully temporary) normal?

Here’s some puzzle wisdom that might help right now:

  • Start with what’s easy: With puzzles that’s the edge pieces. They are the easiest to identify and fit together. What is one simple, and easy thing you can do right now to stay connected? For me it’s calling clients and sending hand written note cards.
  • You have to change strategies from time to time: Strategy is all about focus. With puzzles, it helps to have a strategy for the interior. Are you going to put together the sky, the buildings, the landscaping, etc? Some days one strategy works better than another. Spring is typically a time that we make big monetary investments in our business. Right now, though, our focus is on conserving cash. File this one under lessons learned from 2008. I believe with my whole heart that the real estate market will be fine, but it’s good business sense to be prepared if there is a dry spell in the middle.
  • What you focus on expands: In puzzles, do you ever have that moment when you set the intention to find a specific piece and it seems to jump from the pile so obvious that you can’t figure out how you missed it before? The same is true for everything. The best thing you can do today, and always is to focus on things to be grateful for and appreciate. That may or may not have anything to do with Real Estate. Getting my butt kicked in Uno yesterday by Alex and Ryan made me happy. That energy carries forward to everything else that I do.
  • Sometimes things are not what you initially think: I love those “aha” moments with puzzle pieces when I thought the image was one thing, and then I realize it was something else entirely. It’s a good reminder to stay out of judgement and prediction mode. It is natural for all of us to want assurances, to know what’s next, but what is going on right now is the perfect example of we can’t control what’s around us, only how we react to it. Make it your intention each day to be of service to your clients. Call your clients, listen to what they have to say and find ways to serve. Even if it isn’t directly related to a transaction.
  • Sometimes the best thing you can do is walk away and come back later: With puzzles I often get to a point where I can’t seem to find any matches. When that happens I know the best thing is to walk away. When I come back later things will start clicking again. Be easy with yourself right now. Some days it’s good to press forward. But sometimes it’s good to focus on something other than real estate knowing that the break will give you a new perspective.

What changes or insights have come up for you in these last few weeks? Hit reply and let me know. I’m always curious to know what you are up to.

To your success!

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