Notes From My Gratitude Journal

My guest for The 425 Show had to reschedule at the last minute this week. It’s a pretty rare occurrence, but when it does, the debate is always – to replay an episode or hop on the air and go solo.

As comfortable as I’ve gotten doing the show, it’s a whole different feeling when it’s just me talking, and I have to fill all of the air time!

It ended up being one of my favorite shows ever, though. Because it gave me a moment to pause and look back over the last few months. Specifically, at what am I grateful for. Here’s what I came up with…


#10 – QUARANTINE PROJECTS – We’ve cleaned the garage, and even that random closet under the stairs that we’ve been avoiding for the last 10 years. We built a gym in the newly cleaned out garage and best of all we sanded down our Adirondack chairs for the back deck. Now we sit in them ever evening!

#9 – EXPLORING YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD – We typically walk the same trail each day with the dogs. Lately we’ve been exploring different streets and neighborhoods on our walks. It’s been quite the adventure.

#8 – READING AND LEARNING – I’ve always been an avid reader, and listen to several podcasts. One of the best books I’ve read in the last few months is “Automatic Habits” – Tiny changes, with remarkable results. If you’re looking for an uplifting podcast check out “Yoga Girl” – for 5 – 7 minutes of daily positive thoughts.

#7 – COMPASSION – This is great time to practice extra compassion for others, and yourself. There are a lot of feelings swirling around out there, and you don’t always know what one person may be dealing with vs. another. Just remember, for all of us – our inner 2 year old is just below the surface, ready to throw a tantrum when we least expect it.

#6 – TIME WITH FRIENDS – We have always been social people, but lately just a quiet evening in the backyard has been some of the best quality time we’ve spent with our friends, enjoying deeper conversations that don’t revolve around sports, or our kids activities.

#5 – KIDS FINALLY HAVE AN OLD SCHOOL SUMMER – Summer always feels like it goes by so fast! Jam packed camp days, traveling and sports, it’s always felt so structured, and like there isn’t any time to relax. Now that the camps are canceled and people aren’t traveling as much, the boys are having a great time playing basketball, golfing and jumping off the dock at the lake with their friends.

#4 – APPRECIATING THE LOCAL BEAUTY –  I was looking at a picture on Instagram the other day of a beautiful hotel in the European Alps set on a picturesque mountain lake. I had a moment of sadness at not traveling right now, and then was overcome with gratitude realizing that we are surrounded by our own amazing beauty in the Pacific Northwest. There are dozens of beautiful spots less than an hour from the Eastside to get lost in nature.

#3 – FAMILY DINNER – We are so rushed during the week from work schedules to sports every night, it’s rare for us to sit down as a family. We have been coming together each night for family dinner, and it’s been amazing!

#2 – SMALL BUSINESSES CREATIVITY – There’s no other way to put it. These last few months have been rough on small businesses. Now more than ever, where you chose to spend your dollars matters. But I’ve also noticed many small business and restaurants rising to the occasion in many creative ways to stay afloat and stay connected. These business owners inspire me every day to give more and find new ways to connect.

And my #1 on of My Gratitude list – THE IMPORTANCE OF VOTING –  YOUR VOICE MATTERS! There are a lot of things at play right now, and we can’t assume everyone else will ‘just take care of it for us’.

What are you grateful for?

To your success!

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