When You Aren’t The Right Person For The Job

Wait? We are self employed and commission based. Isn’t that the definition of – we are always the right person for the job?

If you are operating from fear, yes. But if you are operating from a place of abundance and well versed in the 80 / 20 rule, the answer is no.

Some things are easy to say no to:

  • Photography – I could take a million classes and spend a fortune on cameras and my pictures would still not look nearly as good.
  • Installing a sign – I have no desire to dig holes and install post signs.
  • Doing loans – I am an expert at real estate, and I know enough to ask good questions when talking to a lender, but no one wants me doing their loan.

In these scenarios it’s easy to step back and let someone else take over. No one expects you to do everything in a transaction. The money spent hiring a photographer and sign company is easily justified. You get a better result with a lot less time and hassle – because you aren’t the right person for the job.

But what about when things hit a little closer to home.

  • A client wants to buy an investment property, which isn’t your thing
  • They want to buy or sell in an area that you barely know how to find on a map, you definitely don’t know the market ins and outs
  • It’s not a good personality fit
  • They want you to reduce your fee

These tend to fall into the “I guess I could” category of you could take it on, but it’s likely to drain a lot of time and energy. Where you fall on the continuum of saying yes likely depends on how much other business you have going. It’s easier to say no, or refer out business when you feel like you have other, immediate options.

But know that every yes includes a no.

Taking a stand and staying in your zone of genius takes trust and courage. Especially when you feel like you need the business. But stay the course.

The more you say yes to what is right for you, the more of it will show up. And the more you let others help, the better things get.

To your success!

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