Don’t Write The Year Off Yet!

It’s the first week of December, and every December I vacillate between finishing the year strong with work, and relaxing into a month-long haze of holiday lights, hot chocolate, and cookie baking.

It’s usually a combination of the two.

Whether you view December as a work month or a chance for some time off, these are valuable days.

With this year more than most, everyone seems to be more than ready to write this year off and jump into 2021 with hopes that we can forget 2020 ever happened. But before you can start something new – whether it’s a new year, business plan, diet plan, life plan, etc, it’s important to close the chapter properly on the previous year.

For all of it’s twists and turns and unexpected events, there have been many good things about 2020. Take 10 minutes and write down at least 25 things that you are grateful for in 2020. They could be great things that happened, or they might be awareness that something needs to change. They could be big monumental things, or seemingly small and insignificant. Whatever they are, it is important to acknowledge them before the end of the year.

When you do this, it reminds your brain to look for the good in a situation vs the bad. Both are often present, it is up to you which portion you focus on.

From this positive, empowered place, you are better able to make decisions going forward.

From here you can decide:

  • What do you want going forward?
  • What will get you there?

I know that it’s easy to get stuck in the what and how of things. We will dive into that more in future posts, but for now let this be your mantra:

Life and real estate are a game of connection. Make it your goal to connect with as many people as possible. True connection comes from listening and serving those you come in contact with. Whether it’s a smile to brighten their day, help buying or selling a property, or something in between.

If you focus on this, the what and how will show up.

To your success!

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