What’s The Smallest Action That Will Yield The Biggest Result?

If you haven’t checked out James Wedmore’s Mind Your Business podcast, I highly recommend it. He’s got a great mix of business and mindset advice that always seems to be exactly what I need to hear.

In one of his recent episodes he talked about “what’s the least they could do to still have something work.” Not in a slacker under deliver way, but more along the lines of Patreo’s Principle. How could they get REALLY clear on the 20% that achieves results so that they could focus more on that and let go of the rest?

As I mentioned in the last post. It’s easy to assume big changes require big actions, which usually translates into things that are expensive and time consuming. When in actuality, all change comes from small actions done consistently.

Action is one thing. The consistency is what makes the results magical.

One phone call every few days is nice, but 5 phone calls every single day creates an unstoppable momentum.

So let your focus be on what you do consistently. If you had to take fewer actions and did them more often – what would they be? For me it’s:

  • Consistently tracking my weekly activities. You can’t schedule goals, but you can schedule what gets you there. Contacts made / Marketing sent / Notes written – all of these lead to the achievement of your goals.
  • Phone call vs text. The difference is exponential!
  • Previewing – Being physically in houses is better than checking the MLS
  • Consistent vs sporadic marketing: It speaks volumes about how you will show up during a transaction.

What about you? What are the smallest actions that if you do them consistently will bring you the biggest return?

Side benefit – the smaller the action, the less likely you are to resist it. Another reason that small actions are often the quickest and easiest path to achieving your goal.

To your success!

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