Greatness Is A Decision Not A Result

I heard this the other day and it was one of those “Now I get it” moments of awareness.

A slight shift in perspective that felt obvious and new all at the same time.

We see people who are great at what they do and forget that we are seeing the end result. The houses sold, the money made, the lives impacted. What we don’t see is the series of decisions that got them there.

We see the end result and think – That is greatness. But that isn’t true. What we are witnessing is merely the result of a series of decisions – often made long ago that lead to something amazing.

The decision to:

  • Reach for more
  • Go out of our comfort zone
  • Learn something new
  • Be vulnerable and ask for help
  • Course correct when necessary
  • Wrestle our inner critic that says we don’t have what it takes
  • Show up every day and do the work
  • Trust the process
  • Take action

To consistently make these choices – THAT is greatness.

What are some decisions you can make today that will lead to greatness?

  • Could you call one extra client today?
  • Could you preview one more house so that you are prepared for your next client meeting?
  • Could you work out rather than watch TV?
  • Could you decide to listen to or read something positive?
  • Could you chose to surround yourself with others who are also committed to greatness?

Chances are you said yes to at least one of these. Now can you commit to taking action, every single day.

Make today your commitment to greatness. Small actions, done consistently lead to big results.

To your success!

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