The Radio Show That Turned Into An Entrepreneurial Master Class

Every now and then something turns out to be so much more than you could have ever imagined.

I felt that a few weeks ago when I interviewed Anastasia Allison, the founder of Kula Cloth on The 425 Show.

Not only does she have a great product, pee cloths for when you are hiking in the woods, but she is one of THE most amazing people on the planet.

During our interview she talked about her journey from railroad cop – yes, that’s an actual occupation – to Kula cloth founder.

Anastasia shared her harrowing experience on Stevens Pass where she realized that if she can make it through that, maybe her other fears weren’t so scary after all. She also shared so much about her journey that I think resonates with all of us. From feeling insecure to overthinking things.

If you are looking to be inspired and need a good dose of “you can do this” I highly encourage you to check out the episode.

You can listen to the episode on iTunes, check out the audio version here or watch the video version here.

To your success!

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