Discipline vs Motivation

Motivation and Discipline

We talk a lot about motivation – the inner drive to succeed.

In theory, if you are motivated enough, motivation is all you need to achieve a goal. It sounds petty simple, but somewhere along the way motivation stops being enough. And that’s where things get sticky.

My guess is that you set some sort of financial or transaction goal at the beginning of the year. And you felt motivated to make your phone calls, map out your week and wake up each day ready to get it done.

But somewhere along the way, motivation starts to wane, leaving you short of your goal. Wakeing up early isn’t as exciting. Making phone calls starts to feel tedious, or you hit a patch where things aren’t clicking and you wonder if it’s going to work.

The secret to success is staying on track in the middle when we don’t feel like doing the work and doubt creeps in.

Enter discipline.

Discipline is when you don’t have to decide do I or don’t I. It’s just what you do.

Decision fatigue is a real thing. Your brain is only capable of making a certain number of decisions each day. If you ‘burn through’ your decisions with basic things like:

  • Should I get up early?
  • Should I work out?
  • Should I make my FORD calls?

You will run out of capacity well short of your goals.

Discipline makes these automatic, and something you don’t have to decide or debate every day.

The best way to start is to pick 1 thing that if you did it ever day would make a difference in your life. It could be anything. Just make sure you do it at least Monday – Friday without fail.

Then start habit stacking. After 30 dayside a second thing.

If you start with writing 3 gratitudes every day for the first 30 days, then maybe add writing 2 note cards right after for the next 30 days.

And just keep going. Pick 5 core activities that you know will make a difference. They don’t have to take a long time, in fact it’s better if they don’t. It will make it easier to stay on track. Bonus points if you do them in the morning, so that you aren’t as easily side tracked.

Discipline is where it’s at. You got this.

To your success!

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