How I Ended Up In A Disney Movie

I’m always amazed at how life plays out. Does anyone else have powerful lessons show up in the most unexpected ways?

One of our epic Covid quarantine ideas was to plan a trip to Pinehurst, NC with some friends. Pinehurst is the Disneyland of golf, complete with the hedges that spell out the name – but that isn’t where the Disney movie comes in.

The 4 of us show up at the airport bright and early at 6:30 am last Friday, excited for our adventure. We splurged on first class tickets, but when we got to the airport the agent informed us that we were no longer in first class. What? Not only were we not in first class, she didn’t even acknowledge that we had even bought them. I don’t know if she skipped her morning coffee or what, but a comical scene played out where she was tried calling to find out more information, but the phone cord wouldn’t stay attached and kept falling out. Who knew there were still corded phones in the world? Then she leaves and takes our drivers licenses with her and doesn’t tell us where she’s going or when she will be back. If you have ever seen the Disney movie Zootopia, it was like being in a real life version of the DMV scene.

As we stood there, I was trying to figure out what it all meant – is the Universe telling us we aren’t worthy of first class? I realize that’s a lot to pin on a switch airplane seat, but it’s 6:30 in the morning and I’m running on limited sleep. There’s no telling what kind of random thoughts can pop into my head when I’m tired.

And I also had to CHOSE my reaction. Did I want to be angry and frustrated or just let it be and enjoy the vacation? Fortunately I chose the let it be option. I chose to be open to it being a great experience no matter what.

When we got to the gate the agent let us know how sorry they were for the inconvenience – they had switched planes, which changed the number of available seats from 16 to 12. She said they would refund the difference in fare and provide an additional credit for the hassle.

The flight attendant also apologized and then something interesting happened. Once everyone was on the plane the additional pilots who were supposed to be using 2 of the first class seats didn’t show up and they moved us up to the seats we originally booked.

It was fascinating to watch it play out.

Not only did we end up with an event better result than we originally planned for – we didn’t waste energy being angry or frustrated. We left space for things to work out for the best, while letting go of how that would happen.

It reminded me of all the ways we jump to conclusions in our business when something does or doesn’t work out, and how attached we are to how we ‘think’ it has to happen ie. how many homes we need to sell, or when we need to sell them.

What if we trusted that if we do our part, the Universe will do it’s part and it might be even better than we could have imagined?

To your success!

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