Keeping Your Sanity in Multiple Offers

It’s offer review day and you just submitted an offer for your buyers. Que Jeapordy music.

The moment you hit send on the email and confirm receipt with the listing agent time seems to slow down as you wait for a response. At first the hope is that your clients get the house, but as time stretches on, you just want to know – are you in or out? The waiting is stressful.

The trick for me is to figure out how to make it through the waiting game and still be productive. I can spin myself in circles continually refreshing my email and making sure the ringer is on for my phone.

Sometimes I do better than others, but here are my tips for staying sane while waiting to hear back and not writing off the day:

  • Know that your clients are going through the same anguish / excitement that you are. I try to touch base with the agent every hour or two to see how we are doing and if there is an opening for something that we can do better. I also update my clients whenever I do this. I can’t control how the other agent communicates, but I can be pro active on my side and let my clients know that I’m working for them.
  • I’ll admit to some extra social media time, although I try to keep that to a minimum.
  • I usually plan my errands while I’m waiting. I find it hard to concentrate on much else, so mindless errands help get me away from my computer.
  • Working out helps a lot too. Anything to keep me in motion and not obsessing.
  • Remind myself that everything works out for the best. If I’ve had the right conversations with my clients they know what THEIR terms are for the house. If that works great, if not, it means they were meant to buy something else.

How do you stay sane while waiting to hear back on an offer?

To your success!

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