Let Go of What’s Not Working

Last week we talked about adding activities that make a positive difference. This week will help to make room for them.

Adding good things is great, but it’s just as important to let go of what’s not working.

It might be an action or activity that isn’t serving you right now, or a mindset. Notice where the kinks are in your business and life, and ask yourself what can you stop doing to make your life better?

Here are some things I’m letting go of:

  • Worring about how I’ll stack up when I compete against other agents
  • Skipping workouts thinking I’ll make them up later in the week
  • Watching Netflix when I’d rather be reading a book
  • Thinking I need all of the answers before I start something

None of these are getting me where I want to go. In fact they run counter to anything I’m trying to do. When I let go of these things, there is room for what I truly want.

What can you let go of today?

To your success!

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