Bonding With Buyers Agents

I used to dread calling Buyers agents after an offer review when they didn’t get the house.

It’s never fun to deliver bad news, but I’ve found that if you lean in, there can be some great bonding moments that happen.

Because at some point, we are all Buyer’s agents. For that specific property I get the luxury of being the listing agent, but there are many times, when I’m on the other side of the table. So if there is a way for all of us to come out of an offer review friends, it helps maintain our sanity, and you never know when a good relationship with the other agent will come in handy during a negotiation.

Here are 3 tips to help everyone maintain their sanity:

  • Have everything available in the supplements. Title, form 17, the inspection, the resale certificate (even if it’s 15 separate uploads) and anything else an agent might need. One of the biggest ways to maintain relationships is to make sure everyone feels like they were treated fairly and had access to the same information.
  • Call everyone afterwards. Yes, you can send a text or an email, but it’s better if you call.
  • Assume that the terms of the offer are a reflection of where the buyer is at, not the competence of the agent. All Buyers come to terms with the market in their own way, and sometimes that means they have to test the waters with contingencies, pricing, etc. Can you blame them? So when an offer comes in way below the others, or with lots of contingencies, don’t assume the agent doesn’t know what they’re doing, or that the buyer isn’t a serious buyer. Bond with the Buyers agent. Let them know you get it, and give them as much information as it feels right to do so that they can educate their buyer and they can be more competitive next time.

In all things, but especially with this market, opting to go with compassion vs judgement will do wonders.

To all Buyer’s agents out there, I wish you luck. We could all use a little of it right now.

To your success!

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