I Would Take Time Off But…

I’m too busy and I can’t leave my clients. Or. I’m slow, I can’t afford to take time off.

It’s the age old question of real estate. What comes first, the vacation or the transaction?

I’ve talked to a lot of agents lately that really want a vacation, but feel like they are too busy.

Don’t under estimate the value of time off personally, professionally, mentally, physically and emotionally. All of it.

They key is to commit to it, and make it happen. That’s one of the reasons I like air travel so much. The plane is leaving at a specific day and time regardless of what just came on the market that your buyer HAS to see. So you set up contingency plans with other agents. Has anyone else planned a staycation, only to buzz out to ‘just one appointment’ that takes up your whole afternoon – or is it just me?

So this is your nudge and reminder that time off is important. Just as important as your next meeting.

Don’t let the summer go by without taking time off.

Let’s roll into the 3rd quarter refreshed and ready to go.

To your success!

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