I’ve Been Waiting For This!

The boys go back to school next Wednesday! The real kind of school where they leave the house, are gone for a full day and get to interact with other kids. (I know the kids went back for a bit at the end of last year, but Alex stayed remote, so it didn’t feel like we had a true back to school experience)

I’m excited about them heading out the door each morning, but I’m just as excited to have them come home. It creates structure in my day that keeps me on track. One of the most interesting things about these last several months is that when people aren’t coming and going at regular times, boundaries become fuzzy. Specifically stopping times.

It seems to be one of the biggest things that has come out of the work from home era. Many are actually working more vs less, because the computer is always there.

I love the convenience of working from home, but without the boundaries of school and running kids to sports, it’s getting a little wearing. I’ve realized how much I value having clear segments to my day. My goal is always to get my work done while the boys are in school, which helps me focus and be more efficient with my time.

So whether you have kids at home or not, let this back to school time be a reset on boundaries.

Don’t let work keep expanding to fill the hours in the day. Set clear times when you are working and when you are not so that you can be present with those you love.

To your success!

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