Need Branding Help? Kelsey is the BEST!

I worked with Kelsey Kurtis earlier this year and she is the most amazing branding person of all time!

Branding is something I struggle with. I think I’m pretty good at showing up as me, but translating that into pictures and marketing comments is something entirely different.

Earlier this year I decided it was time to stop stalking everyone else on social media while “looking for ideas and inspiration” about what to post, and actually do some posting myself. So I worked with Kelsey.

Any branding work I’ve done in the past usually involves a logo and picking some words that are supposed to define me, and then being left to my own devices to implement it.

Kelsey is different. Whether you work with her or go through the exercises in her book, she walks you through an entire process that is truly transformative. She ‘gets’ people. Her mission is to help you:

  • Get clear on what you offer (It’s about more than buying and selling houses. It’s how you do it)
  • Know what makes you different
  • Gain permission to be yourself, which helps attract the kind of clients YOU want to work with
  • Take action on all of the great wisdom you uncover after reading the book
  • Finally get some marketing tips that are easy to implement
  • Take better pictures – she’s got some of the posing tips around!

The pictures are fantastic, but the process of – defining my branding words and then diving deep on how that makes me different was life changing.

You can buy Kelsey’s book on Amazon, and you can listen to our radio show for some great insights that are bound to help your business.

To your success!

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