How Can You Be 1% Better At Listings?

If it can work for Pat Riley and the Lakers basketball team, it can work in your next listing appointment.

The Lakers won the championship in 1987 by focusing on being 1% better in everything they did.

It’s always good to be reminded that small changes matter. Often more than we realize. The margin between mediocrity and success is a slim one.

Even if you have an amazing listing process, there is always room for improvement. Something that will lead to more yes’. Something that will impress your clients and lead to more referrals.

Yes, I know this can be a slippery slope where it feels like everything needs to be tweaked.

But right now you can only choose one.

Here are 2 qualifiers that will help you know that you picked the right thing:

  1. It can’t have anything to do with your presentation or marketing materials. It has to be super quick and easy. Not something that will take you into the black hole of time and take months to do. Even though you think you can revamp the thing in an afternoon.
  2. It should directly relate to the client experience and take less than 10 minutes to implement. Is there a question that if you asked it would allow your clients to feel heard or cared for? Is there an extra phone call during the transaction process to check in that would help?

You pick what it is. Commit to being consistent and noticing the shifts in how things go.

You are already on the right track. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. For most of us it’s about asking more questions and truly listening to the answers.

To your success!

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