Ready, Set, Go – It’s Connection Season

October kicks off the holiday season, and an important time of year for your business.

Whether you are on the pumpkin spice latte, Christmas music from now until January camp or the I’d rather skip the next few months and hibernate until the new year – there’s no denying. What you do now, will lay the foundation for the next 6 months in your business. From connecting to planning, this is THE best time.

For this week, let’s focus on connecting. Because our business is built on relationships. You can have the best online presence and the fanciest marketing plan, but if you aren’t connecting, you aren’t getting clients.

So take 15 minutes, get out your calendar and plan how you are going to connect with your clients between now and the end of the year. Here are some things to think about:

  • What events can you invite someone to? It doesn’t have to be big. Think pumpkin patches, Garden d’Lights at the botanical gardens. Fun things that are already going on that don’t cost a lot and are easy to do.
  • Planning client gifts is more fun when I start with choosing a small business to support and highlight. Is there a local bakery or crafts person that you could partner with for a fun gift?
  • If you divided your database into 3 groups could you call everyone between now and the end of the year? Think Halloween / Thanksgiving / mid December.
  • November is gratitude month. Could you write 5 note cards a day letting your clients know how much you appreciate them?

What are your favorite ways to connect with clients?

To your success!

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