What It Truly Means to Lead Your Clients

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately.

We are meant to lead our clients through the process, but what does that mean? Does it mean we make all of the decisions and are solely responsible for the results? Are our clients supposed to fall in line and follow us, no matter what? Because after all, we are the experts and if they just do it our way, it will be better for everyone.

But is that true leadership?

I see agents lamenting that their sellers won’t ‘get on board’ with their 28 step listing process or that their buyers ‘aren’t realistic’ about what it takes to win.

What if leadership was providing information and allowing clients to make the best decisions – for them?

Some sellers want to their home to look like it belongs on an episode of Million Dollar Listing and to know that they maximized every dollar out of their sales price. Some just want to sell it as is and move on.

Your job as an agent is to ask the questions that uncover their true goals and motivations. From there you can present options on how they can get there and support them with whatever decision they make.

And yes, because sometimes the option the client chooses doesn’t work out quite the way they planned – part of leadership is having a solid plan B in place for them.

No matter what – life is better, clients are happier and you will sleep better when you control the process and THEY control the decisions.

To your success!

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