What Do You Need to Believe to Achieve Your Goals?

We come back to mindset a lot. It’s THE biggest factor in achieving your goals and the EASIEST one to get off track on. There are a lot of nuances to it, and it needs constant attention.

Your beliefs determine your actions and their outcome.

It’s why 2 people can start with the same action plan and months later one is going strong and reaping the rewards, while the other has given up and seems stuck in pretty much the same place they started.

Take a look at your goals from last week’s post. What do you REALLY want to create in 2022?

What do you have to believe for that to happen and how is it different from your current beliefs?

  • What do you need to believe about the market?
  • About yourself?
  • Your clients?
  • Other agents?
  • The people you work with – contractors, stagers, lenders, etc?

** This is not a list of your current experiences – which are by products of your current beliefs. It’s a list of what you want to create.

Here’s an example. It’s no big secret that I think it’s tough working with buyers right now. I absolutely LOVE my buyers and clients as people. The experience of getting them a house with multiple offers, tight timeframes, etc – I don’t love that. But each time I say that I’m reinforcing the belief that it’s arduous and frustrating for buyers right now.

My goal for next year is to work with Buyers and have it be a better, more enjoyable process for all. In which case, what do I need to believe differently?

  • That the timing always works perfectly for my Buyers
  • Their ideal home shows up quickly once we start working together
  • They always win on their first or second try
  • The listing agent is a joy to work with

Give it a try and see what happens. In the beginning it may feel a little silly. But if you stick with it, things will start to show up differently in your life. Commit to it for 90 days, and see what happens. You will be amazed.

To your success!

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