What Are Your Tools For Success?

January often feels like a get ready to get ready month, so let’s keep the train rolling.

Last week we talked about the value of having a word and picking one that either inspires or challenges you.

This week, let’s take a look at your tools and make sure they are all up to speed for the new year.

Here’s my checklist:

  • The Ninja Planner – I run my daily schedule of my digital calendar, but I love the Ninja planner because I can track my weekly contacts, and have a visual of sales, closing dates, etc. It gives me the 10,000 ft view that I can’t get from a screen.
  • Database – Whatever program you use, make sure it’s up to date and ready to go with everyone’s information
  • A Hot / Warm list – Having one and focusing on it weekly will double your business
  • A marketing plan for the year – Trust me, I’ve tried thinking up postcards or newsletter ideas on the fly. It just doesn’t happen. You need a plan for the whole year before the end of the month. Bonus points if you can pre do any of it to make it easier to send out down the road
  • Support people – This could be a lot of different things. If you need your own assistant, great, but it could also be working with the office staff to get some extra help, partnering with another agent for certain things, creating a bond with a contractor to ensure they are there when you need them. Take a look at your business and decide what you can get support on our outsource
  • A class, coach, group, something to keep you on track and going – It should be pre planned and happen multiple times a year. It’s great to have agents you can go out to lunch with on occasion, but this is something that happens regularly and it’s focus is to keep you on track and make you better. Ninja Mastery is awesome.

From there, you should be ready to rock and roll for the year.

What are your tools?

To your success!

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