What’s Your Word For 2022?

I do exercises like this every year, and it rarely goes anywhere. I finally realized, it’s because I’ve been picking the wrong word.

I always feel like I’m supposed to pick something light and fun like – Joy, Mindfull, Travel, etc.

While all of those are great, and things I intend to have a lot of, they are surface words for me.

I need a word that offers depth and a bit of a challenge.

And then I heard it, my word for the year, and instantly knew it was the one. A challenge? Yes. Something that would move the needle forward and keep me engaged all year? Absolutely.

My word for 2022:


It’s what stands between me and every one of my goals.

I’m not talking about being reckless or dangerous. It’s about leaning into those moments that are uncomfortable, being willing to have it not work, and having the courage to try again.

Risk can show up in a million different ways. Here are just a couple:

  • Having conversations that might be uncomfortable
  • Embracing conflict for the good of the whole
  • Making that extra phone call
  • Being more visible

Really anything that involves vulnerability involves risk.

It’s easy to build things up in my mind to big, scary levels. But this year I’m choosing to believe that the biggest risk is in the not doing vs the doing.

And so this is my word for 2022, and my commitment to take a risk every day, because I know that what is on the other side of that risk is priceless, and worth it.

To your success!

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