Phone Calls vs Emails – They Are Both Important, But For Different Reasons

Did anyone else have a listing go past the offer review date lately?

I know that there are some agents out there wondering, what do I do on day 7 when their listing hasn’t sold yet. If you are going through that right now, this post is for you.

Communication is key. It’s fun when we have good things to report. It’s easy to pick up the phone when you have 12 offers. But what about when there are 0? Do you stay connected, or go MIA?

Here’s how you lean in and set your clients up for success:

Step 1: Email the stats. This is where email is great, especially when there are multiple people involved and a lot of information to cover. Once you release a listing to the market, the Buyers ultimately determine the vale, provided you have done the heavy lifting up front and prepared it well. The first question a seller will have is always about visibility. Do buyers know about it? That is an easy question to answer with all of the online hit trackers out there. Send them the stats, the feedback, the other market activity, your plan going forward, etc. Use bullet points and make it clear.

The purpose of email is to deliver the data and ensure that everyone is getting the same information. It establishes competency.

Step 2: Pick up the phone. It’s easy to skip this step because we are afraid it will be uncomfortable. We want to hide behind the email and tell ourselves we have checked the communication box. What I can tell you from experience, is that those conversations are usually more than okay. This is the chance for your clients to ask questions, share their thoughts, concerns and feelings. At this moment, they need to know that they are not alone and you have a plan for what to do next.

The purpose of the phone call is to connect on a human level. It establishes that you care. It’s the reason they refer you and come back to you.

We assume that our clients love us because of the purchase price, but they love us for our systems and our communication. Especially when things don’t go as planned.

To your success!

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