Being vs Becoming

You have a goal. Maybe it’s income, or health and fitness, or a relationship goal. Something different than where you are currently at.

Which means you are in the process of becoming. Let’s say you currently sell 15 houses a year and you would like to sell 30. You are working on becoming an agent who sells that many houses in a year.

I love all of this. Growth is good. Evolution is good.

But behind everything there is an energy, and the energy of becoming is one of lack. It’s like ‘tomorrow’. Always on the horizon, but never quite there. Becoming can put us into a state of limbo without even realizing it. You can get stuck in the middle between 15 and 30 as you wonder what do I do now? I know how to do 15 transactions, but do I know how to do 30?

In theory, the answer is easy, you want to double your business, you double your actions. Twice the phone calls, twice the mailing list, twice the open houses, etc. But there is a point at which doing twice as much of everything isn’t an option. There are only so many hours that can be worked.

Doubling your business requires you to BE different, to think differently and act differently. Maybe you need to hire a team member, or outsource things that you previously did yourself.

It’s the biggest mistakes agents make. They think to grow they just need to do more of what they are already doing, and they quickly end up burned out.

So what if you let go of becoming, and look at who do you need to BE in order to double your business? What would you do differently and how can you do that now?

To your success!

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