Does Being Busy = Success?

As we roll into August – this feels like a question worth contemplating. August is supposed to be that month where everyone checks out and relishes the beauty of summer with time off to rest, relax and rejuvenate.

It sounds delightful doesn’t it? A whole month to just have fun. But could you do it?

Let’s say you aren’t worried about money and you have someone amazing to cover your business. Could you not work for an entire month and be present? Or would you start to twitch half way through feeling like you needed to ‘be productive’ or ‘do something valuable’? Would you feel less than in some way because you aren’t a ‘contributing member of society’?

When someone asks you how you’re doing is your first response ‘busy’ – even if you aren’t?

We have been trained to believe that if we aren’t always running at peak production that we aren’t successful. But when did busy become the definition of success?

It’s an easy trap to fall into. But what about the whole idea of creating a business that serves our clients, generates a fantastic income for us AND allows us to have a life – today. Not someday. THAT is my definition of success, and in all honesty means there are times when I’m really not that busy.

And so I am required to chose – Option A: Do I amp up the busy factor to feel successful, which for me usually results in a lot of extra running around without much to show for it. Or Option B: Do I hold true to my definition of success, and allow myself to not be so busy and enjoy time with Gary and the boys, traveling, going to the gym, reading a book, and laughing with friends? I chose option B.

It seems like an obvious choice, but I see a lot of people, that chose option A because it makes them feel better, or maybe because they aren’t sure how to make the leap to option B.

Where do you fall on the continuum? If you’re leaning towards option A or somewhere in the middle, play with taking some time off and not being busy. See what happens. Do you relax into it, or does it stress you out? There isn’t a right or wrong answer. No matter where you are at with your goals for the year, we all need time off. See what you can come up with in August.

And if the idea of getting closer to option B sounds good, stay tuned. We will be launching the Master Your Energy to Master Your Life class again in a few weeks, and I’ll be sharing lots of tips.

To your success!

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