You Got This

We had breakfast with my niece this week to celebrate her 12th birthday. She is one of my favorite people on the planet, and in the thick of life as a middle schooler and all of the sometimes goofy stuff that comes with that. I found her the cutest bracelet with beads that spell out ‘you got this’ . Something to reminder her that no matter what happens, she can figure it out.

And as I had conversations with agents this week, I realized that we could all use a reminder that – You’ve Got This.

I heard an interesting statistic this morning – roughly 85% of agents currently selling real estate got their license after 2010. Meaning after our last big market shift. As someone who has been licensed since 1996, I am excited about this shift. It brings some much needed breathing space, a chance to dust off skills I haven’t used in a while, and an opportunity for balance that has felt elusive in the last few years.

But I realized that while I might be ‘kicking it old school’ there are a lot of agents floundering, because they don’t have the tools to fall back on. They are fantastic agents, they just haven’t been in a market like this before – where there are options and uncertainty and our clients are looking to us for answers and leadership.

No matter how long you’ve had your license, I’m here to remind you – You’ve Got This!

Here are 3 things you can do today to stay in the game:

  1. If you aren’t already in a mastermind group, join one. Start one if you have to. Share what’s working, brainstorm what’s not. DO NOT allow yourself to hibernate, no matter how much you might want to.
  2. Learn to read the numbers. Matthew Gardner is an amazing resource, and there are some fantastic stats out there. Learn to interpret them for your clients. Because often what we think the market is doing and what it’s actually doing are different. The numbers tell the story that matters.
  3. Know that your mindset is priceless. Protect it and nurture it. Read, watch or listen to something positive every day.

Wishing you the greatest of success!

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