What Ever You Believe – You’re Right

This was a busy week. Gary was out of town, Ryan had his first college showcase baseball tournament – which meant 3 full days at the ballfield, I had 2 closings, negotiated another offer, did an updated photoshoot for my website which of course involved some last minute shopping for ‘just the right look’ and about half a dozen other big things – including finding this gorgeous piece of art for our dining room!

On Tuesday, I started to spin. There’s no way to get it all done. I’m too stressed, too tired, I have to do everything myself, etc. In that space I couldn’t see any solution that would work that didn’t involve me being cranky and resentful.

But somewhere in the spinning I could hear my intuition say – that might be your current belief, but what if it was different?

In the past, my belief system would have come right back with – well I would LOVE for it to be different, but it isn’t. So just deal with it.

But after years of energy work, and maybe just a little therapy, I’m able to find the space between the thoughts and lean into it.

What if there was another option? A scenario where it all got done, and I was rested, happy and enjoyed it all? What if that was my dominate belief?

And with that thought – new and wonderful solutions opened up. Alex was able to pick up and drop off keys for me. My photographer solved my what to wear delima, and my clients where happy to accommodate my availability during our negotiation and the Ryan James at Ryan James Fine Arts offered to bring the painting by and install it.

As each thing fell into place, my shoulders relaxed a little more, I felt more supported, and I marveled at how easily everything got done.

Beliefs are just throughs we think over and over again, and in the repetition, they become true – for us. But, there are always other options out there.

Take a few minutes to envision your perfect scenario. What would you need to believe for it to be true?

Be easy with yourself and your beliefs. Notice if they aren’t helping and be open to finding new
Ones. Because as we all know – what you focus on expands.

To your success!

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