Does Your Business Need An Energy Appraisal?

Woohoo! The kids are back in school and we are finally getting back to a routine in our house.

But as good as that feels, it sometimes take a bit to get things going in the right direction. September is a great time to check in on your energy and your mindset. You have 120 days to crush your goals for 2022. So let’s make them count.

What is energy and how does it affect your business?

Energy in its simplest form is vibration. We are always vibrating and offering energy to the world around us. Our energy is made up of our thoughts, actions and emotions, and it affects everything we do. The problem is that we’re not usually conscious of our energy and our ability to affect it. So we let the world around us – conversations, situations, etc determine our energy, which is often counter productive to our goals.

The good news is that with a little time, noticing and the right tools, you can shift your energy anytime you want to get you back on track and closer to your goals.

Now is a great time to do an Energy Appraisal for your business. Your current energy and mindset will determine whether you achieve your goals for the year. Business and otherwise.

Ask yourself:

  • What’s stressing you out right now?
  • Where are you relative to your goals?
  • How confident are you that you will reach your goals?

If you’ve got some big stresses and aren’t feeling very confident in your goals, it’s time to focus on your energy.

Because if your energy and mindset aren’t right, your actions won’t matter. When things are off, it’s like pushing a rock up hill. Everything is more difficult and takes longer.

What if you could breeze through the next few months, enjoy life AND reach your goals?

Want more tools for doing an energy appraisal and knowing which specific tools work best based on where you’re at? Join our Master Your Energy to Change Your Life class starting next Wednesday – September 14th. (If you join today, we’ve got a fun bonus for you too!)

See you there!

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