I Don’t Believe In One Hit Wonders

As we head into the final stretch of 2022, I know a lot of agents who haven’t made as much as last year. For many of them, last year was their best yet. Which brings a sense of confidence and accomplishment, but can easily roll over into worry. I wonder if I can do this again?

Did they just get lucky last year? Are they a one hit wonder, never to repeat the same level of success?

I don’t believe in one hit wonders.

The Universe wouldn’t bring you this far, and then let you down. If you have the skills to do it once, you can definitely do it again.

The trick is that we get stuck in the how. We assume that the conditions have to be exactly the same for us to recreate the same level of success. But the world is constantly changing. This year is different than the one before, and next year will be different than this one.

What if we let go of needing it to be the same and trusted our core skills to adapt to whatever the current market requirements are? In many ways market shifts make it easier to succeed. Most agents are ill equipped to handle it, and rather than rising to the occasion they hibernate, hoping it will pass. Showing up and staying engaged automatically sets you apart.

Keep showing up. Adjust where you need to. Know that you can do this.

To your success!

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